Belly Casting

Celebrate and honor your pregnancy, your body, and, the passage into motherhood by having a 3D sculpture made of your pregnant belly (a snapshot in time).

A belly cast/belly bowl allows a mommy to remember her beautiful shape during this pregnancy and the miraculous nine months she shared with her growing baby.  What a wonderful and unique remembrance for your child – seeing how his/her mommy looked when this child was inside her body.

Your belly cast can be customized specifically for your and your family’s preference/design, can be decorated in many ways, or, it can be left in its natural state.  The possibilities are endless!!!  You can also have your art work customized to match your home decor or to match the baby’s nursery décor. Even the wrapping papers from your baby shower gifts can be decoupaged onto your cast/bowl, if you choose to do this.  Or, you can have a belly cast/belly mold made prior to your baby’s birth, and, after he/she is born, you can make an appointment to bring in your baby so we can make a mold of his/her footprints and attach those footprints to your original belly cast/belly mold along with your baby’s date of birth on the mold.

Whether your cast is hung on a wall in your home or placed on a table, it can be displayed for years to come.

Before we start the casting process, we want to make sure we know exactly how you want your cast designed so it will fit both your baby’s and your personalities.


  • 95.00
    Belly bowl as-is natural look
  • 120.00
    Torso as-is natural look
  • 130.00
    One color bowl
  • 145.00
    One color torso
  • 175.00
    Multiple colors bowl
  • 200.00
    Multiple colors torso
  • 45.00
    Adding footprints

When is the best time to get a belly cast or belly bowl?

Belly casts or belly bowls are often made between 34 to 38 weeks of pregnancy as this is a great time to really capture the fullest shape of your pregnancy; however, you can choose to cast your belly at any time.  You might also want to cast your belly during several stages of your pregnancy to show the progression.

Is this safe?

Absolutely!  The belly cast/belly bowl is constructed of high quality, hospital grade, non-toxic plaster casting strips that are safe for mommy and baby.

Where will my belly sculpture be casted?

Loving My Pregnancy has a beautiful studio for belly casting that is private and comfortable.  The session takes about an hour and a half.

What is the cost?

Belly cast prices start at $95 in its natural state.  We realize the options are endless, and, we have a very talented artist who can paint themes or keep your chosen design very simple so the cast will have its own unique look.

Why should I have a cast done?

Casting is a wonderful way of preserving a memory of your body during the time your baby was growing inside you.  This is a special moment in time, and, these sculptures are true one-of-a-kind pieces of art that you will appreciate more and more with time.

How long does the casting process take?

Casting sessions last between one to two hours.  From the date the impression is made, it takes between 2 to 4 weeks to complete the sculpture. Less time is needed if the cast is left as-is/in its natural state.

What should I wear?

You should wear something comfortable and preferably old since the clothing might be ruined during the casting process.  For the best results, casts are made directly on bare skin.

What about baby casting of the feet?

Just like any other castings we do, baby casting is safe for your baby and relatively quick.  The material is only on the baby for a minute or so when casting a hand or a foot.  The best time for casting is between 2 and 6 weeks.  Your finished sculpture can then be mounted to your belly cast.