Loving My Pregnancy records and documents the most beautiful stages in a woman’s life.  Maternity portraiture has gained so much popularity in the last few years, not only for what it means, but, also for the value these pictures bring to the families. Maternity photographers have become more creative and are implementing fashion, beauty, and, lifestyle portraits in pregnancy pictures. Pregnancy photography is important for new parents, and, the parents who have had these pictures made can give great testimonies as to their beautiful images.  We work with you, one-on-one, to preserve your maternity memories as you want to remember them in these portraits.

For first-time mommies, pregnancy portraits are a must! The excitement of expecting your very first child, the unique experience of becoming a parent, and, seeing the start of your family are memories to be cherished forever.  Today’s mommies are embracing their pregnancy and are being proud of their “baby bumps”.

We always encourage you to bring your own props to make this event as memorable and personal as possible.  Consider bringing something from your baby’s nursery that can be incorporated in your portraits, such as a pair of little booties, a book, your ultrasound picture, or, maybe something from your childhood.  This will help to create one-of-a-kind portraits to be cherished for years to come.

Maternity Photography

Your portrait session will include a gallery of at least ten high-resolution digital images that are artistically retouched and placed on a USB drive.  We have maternity gown(s), made of sheer-fabric, in our studio that will cover the expectant mother’s belly. During the maternity photo session, our photographer, Anthony, will guide you on styling and posing to create the classic and artistic maternity portraits that are both flattering and beautiful.  Your husband, boyfriend, or, your significant other can join you in some of the portraits, if you choose to have some sweet poses made of the two of you.

$75 for Mom/$20 each additional person
You will receive all your images on a USB drive
that will be emailed to you.

The cost is only $75.00 for a one-hour photo session. For each additional family member, there is a $20.00 charge per person.   A $25.00 non-refundable fee is required when booking your appointment to secure your session in our calendar.  This $25.00 fee will go towards the price of your session.

Pregnancy is the time where mommies-to-be look their very best. Let Loving My Pregnancy’s maternity photographer capture these moments by documenting your pregnancy through stunning pictures. Call 908-705-0946.

What is Maternity Photography?

Maternity photography captures the period of time while a woman is pregnant. There are plenty of things to stress about when you’re pregnant – but, don’t let one of those stresses be your maternity photographs.  These sessions are fun, and, you’ll be able to capture one of the earliest moments of your child’s life –  your pregnancy.

Some women choose to have their photos taken during the 3rd trimester to showcase their larger stomachs. Others have their photos made during the 2nd trimester to use for gender reveals. We recommend taking pregnancy photos at the 7th month mark (28 weeks); and, if Mom is carrying twins, have the photos taken at the 6th month mark (24 weeks).  At this time, Mom is still energetic and glowing! It’s never too late, nor, too early to get your pictures taken. (NOTE: You can make an appointment to have your “Gender Reveal Photo” taken as early as 12 weeks, BUT, if you are having a “Maternity Photo”, you need to come later in the pregnancy.) Once you are showing a belly and think the time is right to take your maternity pictures, go for it!!!  Remember, we can also take your gender reveal photo.  Book your session today. You will always be happy and thrilled you did!


There is no right or wrong amount of skin to show when taking maternity photos. Whether you’re trying to decide what you’re willing to reveal or what style of photography you want to use, maternity photography is all about your comfort level and your own personal style. Do you want to only bare your pregnancy belly, or, do you prefer to not reveal anything and just showcase your stomach in the outfit you’re wearing? Do you want to use props, or, do you have other ideas for you maternity photos? It doesn’t matter what your preference is. It’s all about your comfort level. You only have to have photos taken that are comfortable for you.  We’ve discovered the best images taken are when everyone is having a great time and are tension free.


It’s all up to you!  You can be alone in your photos, or, you can have other people in the images as well.  We have found lifestyle family photography sessions produce amazing images.  It serves to make the big brothers or sisters a part of the process, and, they get excited.   Loving My Pregnancy allows you and whoever you choose to be photographed with you.  If you would like to have additional family members in your photo, there is a small fee for this.  Please let us know in advance what you choose for your photographs so we can capture your moment in the way you want it to be shared.


Maternity photography is usually a relaxed atmosphere. It’s a time you can showcase the love, intimacy, and, joy that is associated with pregnancy and adding a new member to your family. The best part is there is no right or wrong picture(s). You can be as versatile as you want or stay with traditional poses. All you have to do is be yourself.


Loving My Pregnancy has a beautiful studio just for photographs.  Studio maternity photos are convenient because moms feel more comfortable having the privacy for more intimate poses.  Weather permitting, maternity photo shoots can be taken outside in our court yard as natural light is always best.  Either option is fine. It all depends on the ideas a mommy-to-be has for her pictures.

TIPS for Maternity Photography

Always come prepared. Have your hair and nails groomed. Pamper yourself before your shoot. Get a manicure, or, have your make-up professionally done (we can provide a make-up artist if you need one). Make sure to bring snacks, especially if you have any dietary needs during your pregnancy. Remember to not wear anything that applies too much pressure to the belly such as leggings before your maternity photography session. Otherwise, you will have visible marks left on your skin during your photo shoot.

NOTE: You can Google “maternity photos” or “maternity photography” for ideas you’d like to use in your photographs.  Pinterest is also a great place to get ideas.  Please share these ideas with us before your appointment.  While we will pose you for your photos, it helps to show or tell us your ideas.


The purpose of taking maternity photographs is to showcase your pregnancy. If you take the photos too soon, you won’t be able to tell you’re pregnant. However, don’t put off your photographs too long.  You could end up having issues while you’re holding the different poses for long lengths of time, or, you could go into labor before your photo shoot even takes place!


There are plenty of traditional maternity photos – the silhouette of you and your belly, a heart of hands over your belly, or, holding a pair of baby booties over your belly. However, just because everyone else might use a specific pose, you don’t have to. Nor does it mean you should stay away from a pose because it has been done many times before. Offer yourself plenty of options to choose from. Be creative. You can always suggest or use a more unusual shot later in the shoot. It’s all up to you. Be as abstract, or, be as traditional as you want to be.


You only get to experience this pregnancy once! Cherish your time and memories. The goal of these images is to capture that special time while you were creating your child.