Loving My Pregnancy is proud to open our brand new Yoga Studio for Mommy-2-Be, mommy and infant, and, for mommy, daddy, and, baby (up to 6 months).  Our studio is designed to offer you a time to relax, meditate, and, bond with your baby. We offer you the area’s most popular and comprehensive yoga program for pregnant and new moms taught by an extensively trained, passionate, and, experienced instructor.  Pregnancy and postpartum periods are filled with a wide-range of emotional and physical sensation – joy, stress, excitement, anxiety, and, aches.  We pray this will be a time to meet new mommies in the community and that long lasting friendships will develop and grow.

We begin our class with “Circle Time”, a time for each woman to introduce herself and let us know how far along she is or how old her new little one is.  A safe, open community allows you to freely discuss any issues from discomforts and concerns to the wonderful new changes your body and your baby are experiencing.  Close bonds are formed, and, the classes have a warm community feel to them as a result.

Yoga is proven to reduce stress by lowering the levels of cortisol in the body, boost immune function and levels of the “feel good” chemicals in the brain, and, balance the body by reducing the body’s level of inflammation.

We ask you to call and schedule your appointment time so we will have sufficient space in our studio.  If this is your first time for a yoga class, please arrive 15 minutes early to complete the consent form, or, download the form and bring it when you come.

For more specific information, please see our class descriptions or our Frequently Asked Questions page.